Getting Into Work

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Getting Into Work By Developing Your Skills

The current challenging economic situation means that hundreds and thousands of people across the UK find themselves unemployed for many different reasons.

We try to help unemployed individuals develop their skills through our Pre-employment Training and Sector-based Training with an aim to helping them find work.
Our commitment to helping long-term unemployed individuals back into employment involves:

  • Delivering flexible and personalised advice to assess and identify the barriers faced by individuals seeking employment
  • Delivering personalised employability programmes that combine the development of soft and hard skills with volunteering opportunities and work placements
  • Matching individuals to job vacancies, tracking outcomes and retention
  • An advice service for people who have newly entered work to help support them in overcoming barriers and dealing with any problems that may occur.

We carry out an initial Information Advice and Guidance (IAG) session with all of our learners.

The purpose is to gather information from the learner on what their interests are, their motivation for learning and their long term aims, in order to understand which qualification from the Foundation Learning Curriculum would be the most beneficial to them.

The discussion will form the basis of the learning plan and enable the learner to record short- and long-term goals.

Relevant units and levels will also be identified at this time and timescales agreed.

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