Pre-employment Training

  adult learning  

With our Work Skills Courses and Pre-employment Training we support you to gain the skills you need and get the job you want.

  • Courses for learners of all ages and at all stages of their working lives. 
  • Learning is flexible around your existing commitments and FREE in most cases*
  • Help to enhance your CV, search & apply for a job and enhance your interview skills.
  • Develop the skills that employers are looking for and give you the edge in a competitive climate!

Initial Assessments & Diagnostics help to assist learners in understanding their strengths and areas of improvement in relation to personal development, help choose the units most relevant to the individual learner and help them identify the key areas where additional learning is needed to achieve their qualification.

There are over 30 different units available including::

  • Alternatives to Paid Work, Working as a Volunteer, Preparing for Work Placement and Learning from Work Placement
  • Searching for a Job, Applying for a Job, Preparing for an Interview and Interview Skills,
  • Learning, Leadership, Communicating & Working in a Team, Positive Attitudes and Behaviours at Work, Setting and Meeting Targets at Work, Solving Work-related Problems, Taking Notes, Summarising documents and Contributing to Meetings.
  • Rights and Responsibilities at Work, Managing your Health at Work and Safe Learning in the Workplace,

*This offer is subject to certain terms and conditions – please contact your Local Learning centre to find out more.

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