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Here is what our clients had to say about us:
“Over the last year Local Learning assessors have been working hard with my team to get them through their NVQ.I’ve found Local Learning to be organised, reliable and friendly and they have often gone out of their way to meet our needs; this has sometimes meant working with our night cover staff at 3am!From the beginning the relationship the Assessors developed with my staff helped overcome their resistance to the idea of new learning and they have responded well to acquiring new skills and developing themselves.

This is evident by a marked improvement in the quality of their work.
My initial concern was that the training would interfere with my teams workload, this has not proven to be the case as Local learning were able to work flexibly and to the needs of the individual.

As a result I would encourage any employer to consider NVQ training and would recommend Local Learning as a competent, knowledgeable and reliable training provider.”

Kath Steele
Head House Keeper
Circle Bath Hospital

 “Bath Spa University prides itself on the range of internal and external training available to our employees and we actively promote these opportunities within our staff teams.

Over the last six months we’ve been working closely with Local Learning in guiding our cleaning & support staff members as they study NVQ Level II in Cleaning & Support Services.

When we were approached by Local Learning with this opportunity we could clearly see the benefit to our staff members both in terms of improving their skills & competency but also their morale, sense of ownership & responsibility.

The Local Learning assessors have shown professionalism in their approach but perhaps more importantly they have remained unobtrusive & not obstructed staff in completing their duties in the workplace – Local Learning assessors have made the learning journey as painless and fun as possible.

This is evidenced by the fact that since we began, of the hundred enrolled not one staff member has dropped out of the qualification!

I happily recommend Local Learning as a quality training provider that is sensitive both to the need of the employer and the learner.”

John Beazer
Facilities Manager
University of Bath


We have been successfully working in partnership with Local Learning since July 2011. They have proved extremely helpful in improving our customers’ confidence and employability in an increasingly competitive labour market that demands good literacy, numeracy and IT skills.

Local Learning has gone the extra mile in training our staff to ensure we can make best use of their service, demonstrate where the added value is to our customers and make regular visits to us on site to address any issues and seek ways to improve their service.

Local Learning has understood the needs of our business as well as those of our customers and through excellent communication and a single point of contact we anticipate continuing to find new ways of working together in the future.

Alex Johnston
Head of Project
Tomorrow’s People



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