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A work experience placement in a workplace will enable participants to develop their skills and have the opportunity to work in a realistic environment. The length of a SWAP work experience placement is determined at the initial discussion between you and Jobcentre Plus and it provides invaluable benefits for both businesses and individuals. The pre-employment training can be combined with the work experience placement if this is the best way to deliver the placement.

The main principle to supporting participants during the placement should be to treat them as regular employees as far as possible, whilst they remain on benefits. Participants may be supported further through additional coaching and supervision. Preparing for the work experience placement will ensure that you and the participant will get the most from this experience.

In order for both businesses and individuals to benefit from the work placement element, Jobcentre Plus will ask that you:

  • explain what you need the scheme’s participants to do
  • inform them of management and reporting arrangements
  • encourage positive working relationships
  • provide an overview of your business and its values and culture
  • give a tour of the workplace
  • provide guidance on using any equipment
  • provide guidance on health and safety
  • explain standard workplace practices such as security procedures, dress code, sick leave and absences and break times